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Keeping your business's goods under control is easy when you work with our transportation logistics specialists. Our drivers deliver a variety of dry goods on your request.


In addition to providing fast parcel delivery to businesses and homeowners, our team is also ready to install any appliance, including washers and dryers.


From medications and papers to personal goods, our courier delivery team moves your possessions quickly and safely from one location to another.

24-Hour Emergency Shipping Service Available
More Than 40 Years of Experience | Established 1995


Who We Are

Birmingham Logistics in Alabama is your fast local courier and delivery company. From appliances to merchandise, our drivers are ready to pick up and drop off a variety of goods on your schedule. Each of our drivers possesses a clean background and is DOT-certified, licensed, and insured. We also carry $2,000,000 in umbrella insurance and $1,000,000 in business liability. Ask about logistics contracts for your company.

Contact us today to start working with a delivery and courier company that cares about the safety of your materials and parcels.

Proudly Serving Birmingham, Alabama; Georgia, & Tennessee